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Daydreaming Of Sunshine And Moonbeams (2008)

A collection of guitar and bass instrumentals.

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I started playing guitar back in the late 80's, around 1988. I never had any lessons back then and learning was frustrating. I eventually got to the point where I could play rhythm ok and power chords were no problem. That's when I went to college and the guitar got put away. Just wasn't enough time to do both. The guitar stayed put away until about a year and a half ago when a co-worker friend of mine told me he had started playing guitar again after about 30 years of not playing. That got me to pick it back up again. Since then I've been practicing and learning all I can. I've also been studying music theory and composition from books and DVDs. I still haven't had an actually guitar teacher, but I've learned, and still learning, a great deal from the books and DVDs that I've got. Ultimately, Steve Vai is who got me interested in playing guitar. Hearing Passion And Warfare made me realize that you didn't have to play lyrical songs to have a hit album. Steve Vai, among many other instrumental guitarists, have influenced my playing. Steve Vai is really my main influence, but I don't want to sound like a Vai-clone. The one thing that I try to take from his playing is to be different. So I like to find a way of phrasing riffs so that it sounds like me instead of robbing signiture riffs from my influences. Other guitarists that have influenced me over the years are: Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Vito Bratta, Reb Beach, Kiko Loureiro, Randy Rhoads, Alex Skolnick, and many others. I'm still in the molding process and still trying to find my voice, my phrasing, my tone, so this RPM Challenge album isn't going to be ground breaking on any guitar level really. What it will stand for is a mile-marker of where I'm at now and hopefully the direction that I'm trying to go. -Courtney

Courtney - guitar, bass, keyboards, drum programming.



Completed Albums

Daydreaming Of Sunshine And Moonbeams(2008)

A collection of guitar and bass instrumentals.

01 elizabeth   (preferred)
02 arpeggio puppy dreamland   (preferred)
03 attention - dig in   (preferred)
04 billy stole the chili   (preferred)
05 the mourning   (preferred)
06 lost without rescue   (preferred)
07 crossing egypt   (preferred)